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Plessey expands GaN-on-Si LED distribution network into Iberia
2014-03-19 21:48:06

Matrix, which is headquartered in Madrid with offices across Spain, Portugal and Chile, is an electronics distributor and provider of complete advanced electronic solutions. Matrix 

Plessey's Gallium Nitride on Silicon LEDs are produced using standard silicon-based semiconductor manufacturing processes in contrast with existing LEDs which use expensive sapphire and other exotic materials. Plessey's ambition is to drive global uptake of its patented MAGIC (Manufactured on GaN-on-Si I/C) technology as a cost-effective alternative to existing SSL LED technologies.

Jose María Vilallonga Presas, President and CEO of Matrix, said: "I am confident that the combination of Plessey's innovative products and our extensive knowledge of the market will be very successful. The GaN-on-Si technology is going to be a revolution in the solid state lighting market and Matrix will be a pioneer in introducing the new technology in Spain and Portugal."

David Owen, Regional Sales Director for Plessey, added: "Plessey are very pleased to work with a distributor who has been focusing on the solid state lighting market for a considerable number of years. Matrix has a dedicated team working in the lighting segment and therefore considerable knowledge of the lighting industry and customer base in the region."

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