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Philips steps up collaborations in led string light smart home arena
2016-03-14 12:19:48
Philips Lighting smart home technology
Philips Lighting is partnering up with Dutch telecoms company KPN, French insurance firm AXA and French energy company ENGIE to drive the adoption of the smart home across Europe.

The partnership is aimed at linking lighting, energy and security technologies to help drive the adoption of the Internet of Things for homes as well as delivering energy savings and peace of mind when away from home.

“Delivering amazing new lighting experiences for the home is at the heart of the Philips Hue proposition, and the key to this is working with other apps, products and platforms,” said Chris Worp, Leader of Philips Lighting’s home business. “Through teaming up with developers Philips Hue has welcomed more than 600 third-party apps over the last three years; by partnering with companies across such diverse sectors, we welcome more meaningful ways to use connected light to provide comfort and peace of mind for homes.”

KPN’s smart home security service, KPN SmartLife, works with Philips Hue to deter unwelcome visitors and mimic a  phomeowner'sresence when away from home. By linking to KPN SmartLife Veilig alarm, the Philips Hue lights will switch on when the alarm is triggered to shine a light on any surprise callers. In addition, Philips Hue lights can be controlled through the SmartLife app, so that householders can simulate their presence at home when they are away.

AXA France has synced Philips Hue into Mon AXA app that allows their customers to prevent the risk of theft, water damage and fire for homes. Through the app, the Philips Hue lights will turn to red when the alarm goes off, and send a notification to your smartphone alerting you to the risk. Philips Hue can also be controlled by Mon AXA app so that you can set your lights to mimic your presence when away from home for added peace of mind.

ENGIE is a new channel partner and through its web experience 50five, which focuses on life changing moments combining smart home solutions with energy appliances (savings, connectivity, comfort and safety), Philips Hue is able to reach a wider consumer base broadening Internet of Things for homes. 50five makes this directly accessible for consumers through its segmented approach focusing on ‘life changing moments.’

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