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LED illuminator become expo garden beautiful scenery line
2014-03-11 23:33:42

LED illuminator become expo garden beautiful scenery line

By 2010, China (Shanghai) international LED industry exhibition and LED lights and urban lighting fair in Shanghai new international expo center ended. The exhibition building a set procurement, market development, application and innovation, integrated communication platform for Chinese enterprises also LED to the development trend of the international lighting provides opportunities. According to understand, this exhibition is China's east area and the most influential LED lighting industry exhibition, exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors, attracted numerous professionals. Exhibits include raw materials, colorful, outdoor LED the advanced technology and application system screen display device, urban lighting equipment and technology, chip and LED extension of packaging devices, etc. In addition, there are all kinds of meet the daily needs of indoor illumination luminaries. In the world expo in 2010 world expo, numerous LED in huashan mountain ", "the government in 528 square kilometers in the night, excessive expo in sight is issued by 80% LED, it has become the world's largest LED arena. In "the city better life" theme, China will be phased out incandescent lamp, speed up the popularization, accelerate LED light lamps, this exhibition will accelerate thousands of lighting revolution.

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