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Domestic LED lighting is brewing upstream "rush"
2014-03-11 23:37:35

Domestic LED lighting is brewing upstream "rush"

Yesterday from many domestic enterprises, including LED in foshan, tsinghua tongfang's already started brewing enterprise such as the investment plan, upstream field has even realize breakthrough. After two years of development, the domestic LED lighting enterprise popultion, number reaches 3000-4000, slightly scale enterprise has more than 50 of fame. China says President LiangQi kongfung group company, now China has LED to the development of industries "brand" awareness. LiangQiPeng flagship LED brand ", "torre dimension is show" quality expo borrows manufacturer "image. Notable is, recently held in guangzhou international lighting fair, LED the exhibition, become the enterprise perform the largest window, beautiful, TCL, foshan lighting, all hope into the market, set up fast professional lighting brand image. The data from China association of lighting, LED display in the chain, extension and chips, and 70% of the profit and application are LED encapsulation accounts for only about 30% of the profits. This also means that if not realize the breakthrough, domestic enterprises upstream only 30% of the profit share in a small glass of beer. "If LED chips will decrease the cost, realize localization of 30%," said, not only LiangQiPeng civil LED lighting will enter mass popularization stage, LED by the United States, Japan and enterprises such as Germany will refer to the patent situation. The good news is that domestic enterprise LED lighting investment "upper" impulse has become more and more obvious. Tongfang Co., LTD WangLiangHai vice President, over the next three years in LED photoelectricity tongfang industrial investment scale will be $30 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in the chips, strive to become the largest area of the top three global, chip suppliers. According to the reporter understands, this January, three Ann photoelectric hao rolls 120 million yuan established LED base, ShiLan micro worked from issuing to not more than 6 billion yuan, used for high brightness LED chip production expansion project and added liquidity. Subject to equipment supply and talents, global capacity inherited tight. Therefore, 2011 globally LED capacity may inherit tight. Technology makes LED lamps and lanterns is pushing for capital early, and its use lower total capital is significantly lower than other sources. Subpolar lighting market benefited from the local government to the promotion of enterprises and LED the subsidies, bigger and stronger domestic manufacturers of external premise for local companies, and lighting market only "cake large enough, but also can enjoy priority". 2009 is LED the back light first, TV global TV penetration rate of exudate LED by 2010, less than 10%, super market development, LED supply is expected over the next few years, tension infiltration rate will be LED TV is accelerated exudate. In all, disable the incandescent policy see benefits than fluorescent lamps, but that contain fluorescent LED harmful element ", "waste products in mercury environment treatment, so we decide questions general lighting market future not to replace incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, fluorescent light instead of LED more steps, but LED lamp directly replace incandescent lamp, LED in general lighting market popularity ahead of schedule can greatly. In local manufacturers windward &creditability first. In addition, the factory is in rapid expansion in 2010, but LED upstream sapphire and expansion did not follow, SiC substrate to substrate prices, LED chip prices, is flushed underlay manufacturers since the second half of the year capacity expansion to output, but also needs from certain time. We judge in equipment is highly monopoly situation, two firms may not quickly with the production, this is because, on the one hand, the enterprise itself by expansion cycle of resources, on the other hand, the market demand as the monopoly of profit is inherited, supplier may according to actual output control market. Need attention has great evergrande symptom of photoelectric; third, LED bibcock Good technical capacity doubled within two years, ShiLan expected 17.21, micro (0.06 - - 0.35%);, With samsung, LG LCD TV channel, and can take LCD backlit market in recent rapid growth of song's 29.30 (acoustics); 0.00% 0.00, The winding inductors subpolar bibcock enterprise, its product power electronic chips are driving circuit is LED light source of essential elements, Actively involved in packaging equipment LED 12.30, laser (was), a new 0.74% 0.09 and listed company starlight LED packaging electric etc. Nation Considering the price drops, conservative estimate infiltration exudate LED lighting by 2015 15% rate, relevant market scale will more than 500 billion dollars! Three years at large size LCD panel back light market. On the choice of the listed company, we choose subject in recent years inside can directly or indirectly benefit from fast-growing LED the effective performance. Another two years later, chip venders &creditability first LED to improve productivity and technology will be released and mainland LCD panel industry. Super market expectations that LED AIXTRON supplier development of MOCVD expansion plans and make Veeco respectively, but the fact is that two manufacturers actual output by market will continue to the ultimate decision needs. In large size panel &creditability first manufacturer, back light temporarily restricted by the market vacancy consistency of good product capacity and downstream panel and LCD module is lack of channel, the situation will be continued until 2012, with subpolar LCD panel after 6 generations, 8 generation module manufacturers and the downstream channel on production, can achieve substantial breakthrough.

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