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Capacity increasing global LED lighting is still big field
2014-03-11 23:34:52

Market research institutions, industrial institute extension advertise from mainland China semiconductor lighting industry strongly supported by the government, and the liquid crystal TV LCDTV brand manufacturers accelerated release LED backlighting LCDTV LCD TV, global LED products manufacturer are expanding production capacity by 2010, MOCVD machines worldwide MOCVD new machine number will reach 720. Estimate of global output will be LED by 2010, up $9.6 billion, hope 37%) by 2010 China Taiwan output will reach 25 LED billion and annual increase of $43, global city rate of approximately 26%. Backlighting, advertise in 2010, said Rio LEDTV market penetration estimate of 20.3%, until 2014 permeability is expected to reach 100%, the LED backlighting LCDTV shipments will be from 2010 3695 million, blasting to 2014 of nearly 260m. If one LCDTV LED backlighting to 300-500 star in 2014, LED to the global TV back light is about to use 780 million star - 13 billion stars, i.e. need 710 - LED to the Taiwan 1180 MOCVD post. Lighting, predict 2010 extension, advertise the number of new global MOCVD, will be enough to eat nearly 70% of the global demand, therefore LED backlighting TV, continues to increase productivity LED the excess capacity will actively involved lighting field, LED lamps and lanterns, price declines rapid advance in 2011, LED lighting into global illumination market. Although LED lighting market is still must face competition from mainland China, Japan and manufacturers, but strong leading companies in Taiwan, still can be developed by low cost advantage and product innovation ability, diverge into LED lighting market. But China's huge market, indeed for application LED to the gate open platform, can with better future machine factory, the giant and manufacturing and cost control ability, combining the Chinese market and cost advantages, and LED industry giants as patent bargaining chips. According to the observation, mainland China extension advertise the active semiconductor lighting industry, fostering the development of local government is focusing LED lighting technology area, vigorously subsidy LED grain manufacturers invest in mainland China, Taiwan, mainland China LED to invest the attitude, has also changed from passive active layout. In order to get the considerable market opportunities, global LED manufacturers recently in the extension of MOCVD input in machine. Mentor? By 2010, the growth is expected to reach 720 MOCVD machine, a 232% increase in 2009, and with South Korea, China and Taiwan in mainland China, the newly added 36% of the total, 32% and 26%. Rio, China Taiwan advertise that LED the first five big grain in crystal, the group has to expand capacity, functional group of crystal MOCVD machine number, has reached 291, steady lead. Friend of photoelectric its ronda, etc, and can now has built round of MOCVD machines are more than 50 sets scale. But for the future in the mainland of China, its epitaxial factory machine number of amplification MOCVD, expect a big lead local LED industry development center of gravity, will gradually move in mainland China. In addition, under the trend of evergrande concurrently, Taiwan's future may continue grain toward functional group with giant crystal group (such as a plate etc).

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